FairWell Intake Form

Please complete this Intake Form and click Send. Upon clicking Send, an email will be sent to your spouse inviting them to do a FairWell Mediation, including your personal message and the price split you propose below.

Your Information

Your Spouse's Information

How would you like to divide (or not divide) the FairWell price?

The FairWell price is $3,900 (less than each of you will pay just to get started with an attorney). You may divide this cost with your spouse however you like. If you have already purchased diyvorce products, your previous investment (up to $500) will be credited towards the $3,900 price.

Separate invoices will be sent to you and your spouse via email to be paid in the percentages noted prior to the scheduled mediation. The invoices will be from Kapsten LLC, the owners of diyvorce/FairWell.

FairWell Terms and Conditions
I hereby voluntarily affirm that I have read the Fairwell Mediation Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by its provisions.

Upon your spouse agreeing to participate in FairWell, you will receive an email confirmation with a scheduling link to schedule a phone call with your FairWell Administrator to get started.