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A unique alternative to traditional divorce. You and your spouse work with one professional who will help you resolve all the issues that need to be addressed in a divorce. At the end of the process, your divorce documents are drafted and ready for filing with the court. Say FairWell to long, drawn-out litigation. Say FairWell to costly disputes. Say hello to a process focused on fairness and serving you well.

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  • Fairwell helped make my divorce a more pleasant experience. My now ex-husband and I were able to make it through the mediation process and have all of the paperwork signed and ready to file within a few hours. We could not have made it through the divorce process and still have a decent relationship without this mediation process. I am grateful to have used Fairwell. I am truly grateful to get through everything so quickly...and relatively pain free.Tara

Meet Your FairWell Guides


Erin Turner

Erin brings her practical sense and compassion when she helps people resolve their disputes through FairWell. She skillfully facilitates conversations between parties to help them build on their agreements rather than focus on their differences. She listens to each spouse’s goals and helps determine a path that meets both of their future needs. She knows that coming to an agreement is difficult work, but well worth the closure it brings to families.


Samantha Graf

Samantha knows that divorce is an incredibly stressful time, and she is committed to helping people move through the process as gracefully and painlessly as possible. Her down-to-earth style instantly puts people at ease as they start the FairWell process. She is an excellent listener, and has an unmatched ability to help people focus on their future needs and goals. Her skills serve her clients well as she helps guide them through their disagreements to build solutions together.


Katie Jarvi

Katie approaches every dispute as one that is resolvable, even those that seem factually challenging and wrought with emotion. Her level head and her spirit of problem-solving are tremendous benefits for those working with her in FairWell. She listens, questions, and skillfully facilitates conversations so that people are able to stay focused on their end-goals. Clients are thankful for her help as they are able to put the issues in their divorce behind them and focus on tomorrow.

How It Works

The first question is whether your spouse is willing to join you in this voluntary process.

You start FairWell by providing your spouse’s name and email address, and by indicating how you would like to divide (or not divide) the FairWell price. FairWell will send your spouse an email invitation, along with a description of how the process works.

If your spouse accepts the invitation, we will put together your FairWell Team. The team is made up of your FairWell Assistant and your FairWell Guide. The FairWell Assistant will set up your file, contact you to make payment arrangements, and schedule your first FairWell session.

Both you and your spouse will receive online interviews to complete. The interviews help your FairWell Team learn relevant facts about you and your spouse, and for you to privately and confidentially share your thoughts about possible ways to resolve the issues. Your FairWell Guide will review all of this information before your FairWell session.

During the FairWell session, you will work with your FairWell Guide to resolve disputed issues. As issues are resolved, we will update the diyvorce system. When all the issues are finalized, diyvorce will create the necessary documents for you. We will provide you with instructions for filing the documents with the court so you can successfully complete the divorce process.