How does an online divorce work?

A do-it-yourself resource for people going through a divorce

With your free diyvorce membership, you will receive access to a document assembly system that is developed and used by top Minnesota divorce lawyers. 

After your diyvorce purchase, our system walks you through a simple online interview. If it is your first diyvorce package, this will start with an informational interview to gather important information needed in the process, and the system will explain why this information is necessary and important. It will also highlight the complexity of some of the issues in your case and offer the added benefits of additional professional assistance if you need it.

After completing an interview, the system generates a complete set of all the documents you need to file your divorce, or the specific documents you need at any stage of your divorce These documents are custom-tailored to you, and are based on current Minnesota law. Minnesota judges are familiar with the format of the documents because they are routinely used by top Minnesota lawyers.

Divorce is not just about drafting documents. Divorce involves serious issues that need to be resolved.

If these issues are not addressed and resolved by divorcing parties, they will often continue to linger and cause strife, sometimes far into the future. Our diyvorce members have access to a series of articles to help parties identify and work through many of those issues.

Our diyvorce members also have access to referrals to other divorce professionals, such as real estate and personal property appraisers specializing in divorce, process servers, co-parenting coaches, adult and child therapists, mediators, financial advisors, and business valuation experts, and more. diyvorce members have access to a list of highly-recommended professionals in each category along with their contact information, making finding the right resources easier and more effective than ever.

diyvorce is a system designed for the people getting divorced.

It truly has never been easier.

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