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What is an online divorce?

Until now, there hasn't been one place to start when you are considering a divorce.

Many people considering divorce are overwhelmed by the process. They aren’t sure what the best solution is for their situation. Should you and your spouse work with a divorce mediator? Should you meet with an attorney on your own? Should you try to do-it-yourself by filling out lengthy forms online? Those forms contain a bunch of questions, maybe half that are applicable to your case. And even that half isn’t tailored to your situation. Even worse, they don’t provide you any guidance while you complete the forms.

What if something existed to help you from start to finish, providing you with optional insights, guidance and resources along the way?

With diyvorce, you can begin with a discreet online interview that asks you only information relevant to your case. Our unique system helps organize your information that is necessary to complete your divorce. It also provides insights and offers ideas and options for resolving each aspect of your case. We even provide you with helpful information for questions you have while you complete the online interview.

Your Heading

diyvorce provides you with unlimited access to a divorce paralegal to answer your questions along the way.

When you finish the online interview, our system creates a complete set of documents that are custom-tailored to your case, along with instructions about how to successfully file them with the court.

Even better, if you haven’t been able to agree on some of the issues in your case, our system will provide you with options so your divorce can continue to move forward. You can invite your spouse to mediate those unresolved issues with one of our qualified mediators, or you can schedule an appointment with an attorney to help you work through the issues in dispute. When you use these other options, your investment into diyvorce will be credited toward your additional services. You have nothing to lose by starting with diyvorce.

diyvorce works for many kinds of divorces: it works for people who already have a full agreement with their spouse and just need to finalize the legal process, and it works for people who are involved in a contested divorce. Either way, your diyvorce will start with an online interview to help organize your case information, and provide you with resources, ideas and insights to help you make decisions. It will then create the legal documents you need – at whatever stage of the case you are in.

This is a divorce system designed for the people getting divorced.

It truly has never been easier.

Learn how diyvorce can work for you.

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