diyvorce Essential




diyvorce Essential

A great value for couples who have reached an agreement and simply need to draft their divorce documents for court filing. But if you’ve been to the Court Forms website, you know it’s anything but simple. Until now.

Unlike the court forms, which make you figure out what documents apply to your case and are needed to complete your divorce, diyvorce figures that all out for you based on the information you enter. The diyvorce produces the documents for you in moments.

Better yet, as you work your way through the interview, if there is a concept, phase or word you don’t understand, just click the word to see an explanation in easy-to-understand terms.

When you’re done, print your documents and instructions for filing. It has never been easier.

  • After you purchase this package, you will receive confirmation via email. You will then be sent a simple online interview tailored to the documents. If this is your first diyvorce package, this will start with an informational interview to gather important facts needed in the process. The diyvorce system will explain why this information is necessary and important. It will also highlight the complexity of some of the issues in your case and offer the added benefits of additional professional assistance if you need it.

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