Deciding to get a divorce is emotionally challenging.

It means many logistical challenges, including separating finances, dividing parenting time, and allocating marital assets and debts. Preparing properly for your DIYvorce can help ease the process and reduce your stress.

The first step in preparation is to make a budget.

Divorce will bring substantial financial changes for most families. Preparing a budget helps you to get a more immediate handle on your finances and how to plan for your future. With an accurate budget, you can make plans for a new residence and how to handle any debts you might have coming out of the divorce. In addition, you can start to figure out whether requesting spousal support is necessary in your case.

Another important step is to gather your essential documents.

These include copies of statements for credit cards, mortgages, bank accounts, and retirement accounts. Keep in mind that having both or just one spouse’s name on the account does not determine if that’s marital property or not. That is, regardless of whose name is on the account, the asset or debt can still be divided in the divorce.

You can also prepare for divorce by creating a list of your goals.

Having a list will help you focus on what is important and not get bogged down in small details. It will help, for example, to remind yourself that your goal is to keep the house, so allowing your spouse to keep the newer car might be a trade-off worth making.

A list of goals can also help you take specific steps to achieve each of these goals. For example, if your goal is to be awarded spousal maintenance to help you get a new degree, you can start researching education programs and provide a solid number regarding how much maintenance you will require.

Deciding to get a divorce is hard.

And then it seems to just get harder. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

DIYvorce was created by Minnesota divorce attorneys who know that people need a path to their divorce that doesn’t require thousands of dollars and months of fighting. But they also need to know their divorce is done correctly, and that it resolves the couple’s disagreements.

DIYvorce is an easy-to-use path for for couples who are ending their marriage:

You work through a secure online interview to gather information.

You get helpful information about issues to consider as you work out how to legally part.

You have the opportunity to consult with legal professionals along the way. Your questions will be answered and you can be confident about your final divorce and the documents.