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It Starts with You

Until now, there hasn’t been one place to start when you are considering a divorce. We designed diyvorce to serve as the one clear place to start and, for some, even to finish the divorce process.

It has never been easier. This system is currently being offered exclusively in Minnesota for Minnesota divorces.

Deciding to get a divorce is hard.

And then it seems to just get harder. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

DIYvorce was created by Minnesota divorce attorneys who know that people need a path to their divorce that doesn’t require thousands of dollars and months of fighting. But they also need to know their divorce is done correctly, and that it resolves the couple’s disagreements.

DIYvorce is an easy-to-use path for couples who are ending their marriage:

You work through a secure online interview to gather information.

You get helpful information about issues to consider as you work out how to legally part.

You have the opportunity to consult with legal professionals along the way. Your questions will be answered and you can be confident about your final divorce and the documents.

With your free diyvorce membership, you will receive access to a document assembly system designed and used by the lawyers at Johnson/Turner Legal.

Our system helps you organize your personal information, identify critical issues in your case, and offers you insights and ideas along the way. You receive access to articles to help you understand the legal considerations involved in your case, and how-to articles to help you with the process.

As a diyvorce member, you will have access to all the packages and pricing.

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  • Access to our flat-fee legal documents and services.
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  • Access to our professional resources to provide assistance when you need it.

diyvorce is not a law firm and information on this site is not intended to be legal advice przejdź do strony

Learn how diyvorce can work for you.

Why diyvorce?

A Guided Solution

The document drafting tool serves as a guide asking follow up questions and providing relevant information as you work your way through the documents. If you hit a snag, the system is designed to allow you to seamlessly pivot. For example, if you and your spouse can’t agree on the terms, you can agree to do a Fairwell mediation and the system will adapt to a mediation process. If you decide you need an attorney to represent you, the system is cross-compatible, so all your work can be transferred to your attorney’s office and you will receive a credit toward your attorney’s fee since you have already done some of the work.

Built in Minnesota for Minnesotans

Built in Minnesota for Minnesotans going through divorce. The articles, how to’s and contact information is all tailored to Minnesota law and resources. The divorce documents are also built based on best practices used by Minnesota lawyers and recognized by Minnesota Judges.

More than a document drafting tool

diyvorce is a comprehensive resource designed to help people make their first step towards divorce and then provide the needed resources along the way.

Can I Get a Divorce in Minnesota?

Very important initial questions like this need to be answered. Can I get divorced in Minnesota? Which county or counties do I file in? Do I have to wait during any period or take any classes before getting divorced in Minnesota?…

Need More Help?

If you and your spouse can't agree:


A unique alternative to traditional divorce. You and your spouse work with one professional who will help you resolve all the issues that need to be addressed in a divorce. At the end of the process, your divorce documents are drafted and ready for filing with the court. Say FairWell to long, drawn-out litigation. Say FairWell to costly disputes. Say hello to a process focused on fairness and serving you well.

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Divorce Attorney

diyvorce works exclusively with family law attorneys at the Johnson/Turner Legal network, Minnesota’s largest family law group of attorneys and mediators. The diyvorce document generation system was originally developed by Johnson/Turner Legal, and their attorneys and legal professionals continue to use it in their practice.

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